My name is Alexis Bloom.
I like animating, air hockey, and long walks on the beach.

I am 23 year old animator currently living in Philadelphia, PA. A long time ago, I tried to convince myself that I was in love with mechanical engineering; but as you may have noticed, that didn’t exactly work out. Instead, I decided to follow my passion and pursued animation at Drexel University. Since graduating, I've continued to hone my skills as an animator, and hope to break into the industry soon.


I'm currently freelancing as a digital artist and animator. I am also looking into adjunct teaching undergraduate students at Drexel University. Contact me through e-mail if you're interested in commissions!


All I can hope for is that I break my way into the industry as an animator. I've already worked in professional settings, but I'm looking for something a little more permanent. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep freelancing and working on independant projects. I'm always looking for something new to work on!


My work does not revolve around a central theme. Although I have done many series in which the art pieces all have a common subject, not all of my artwork correlate to one another. I’d like to think I have developed sort of a style though. Most of my work is colorful and very fluid. I like organic shapes, bodies and rich, bold colors. These are the threads you can see through my work as an animator and an artist.



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